Wednesday, May 6, 2009

4... no wait, 5, Things I Learned Today

1. Learning that I can put all the pieces of my food processor into the dishwasher makes homemade laundry soap way easier to make and SO much more convenient. Hooray dishwasher safe plastic!
2. However, wooden cutting boards? Not dishwasher safe.

3. Half a bag of microwave popcorn is NOT a suitable substitute for lunch because it means that half a bag of milk chocolate Nestle Flipz becomes an appetizer.
4. There's isn't much in the world that tastes better than an ice cold beer. Except maybe a gin and tonic, with a lime wedge. I like making mine in pint glasses. Less trips to the kitchen, more time for relaxing.
5. It is possible to be jealous of garden gnomes. Especially when they're on Good Eats, stuck in the veggie drawer, talking to Alton Brown (not that I want to be stuck in a veggie drawer or on TV, but the talking to Alton Brown part? Sign me up!).

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